Shampoo Bars


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Shampoo bars do not contain detergents like commercial shampoos do so they do not strip the hair and scalp of natural and beneficial oils.  When your scalp is not constantly being stripped of these natural oils it produces less oil.  

The fresh scent of rosemary along with the cooling effects of peppermint and tea tree essential oils stimulate the growth of hair follicles and leave your hair clean and shiny and your scalp with a cool refreshing tingle. Great for all hair types, this 100% natural shampoo bar, also contains coconut milk and honey for a deep conditioning treatment. 

Directions for use:  Wet hair and bar, either work up a lather in your hands and work it into your hair or rub the bar on your scalp directly. If you are new to shampoo bars there may be a transition period where your scalp produces more oil, daily shampooing may be required during this period until your scalp stops producing the extra oil.


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