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Helping dogs in Need!

Sunsational Soaps & Lotions is happy to announce that 20% of the purchase of all dog related products (dog shampoo, paw butter, etc) and dog themed items purchased directly though the website, our Facebook page or at markets will go directly to The Snoopi Project of Playa del Carmen Mexico.

What is the Snoopi Project you ask?

Their mission is to help provide a better life for family pets in the Riviera Maya. In extreme cases, the Snoopi Project also rescues hurt, broken, abused, abandoned, and unwanted adult dogs from the streets of Mexico. 

Their goal is to provide shelter from the severe elements in the form of a dog house. They also provide free de-parasite medication and flea/tick protection for 30 days for all dogs on the property. They try to help provide supplies, food, sterilisation and education to local families and their pets.

They support local labor to provide the houses.

This project also complies with the local law regarding the proper care of animals, providing a proper shelter from the weather

**While The Snoopi Project is out on the streets they also run into cases of dogs that need their help and need to be rescued. The Snoopi Project’s mission is to rescue hurt, broken, abused, abandoned, and un-wanted adult dogs from the streets of Mexico. (EXTREME CASES)

** THE SNOOPI PROJECT IS NOT A SHELTER** Therefore when The Snoopi Project does rescue a dog, we have to raise funds on a case by case basis. We board all the dogs we rescue in a private boarding facility.

The Snoopi Project is a small program. They currently do not have monthly sponsors and have to ask for donations when the need arises.

If you would like to donate directly to this project, please use PayPal and indicate "The Snoopi Project" in the message at  A Standard size house with comfy mat to lay on $600 pesos (about $42 CDN).  Donations are also accepted and appreciated for the following:

  • Dog food (7.5 kg-25kg) $310-$450 MXN
  • Mats for inside the houses $238 MXN for (4) Tarps $38 MXN each ( enough to cover two houses)
  • Donations for Spay or neutering pets $300-$500 MXN
  • Donations for vaccines $150 pesos each, (Distemper and Rabies)

 They also accept:

  • Gently used yoga mats
  • Collars or harnesses, any size Tie outs (long leads)
  • Bowls for food & water
  • Leashes