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Liquid Bastille Soap

Liquid Bastille Soap

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Our multi-purpose Bastille soap bottled up in etched glass pump bottles.  Perfect for your powder room or kitchen sink!

Also available in refill sizes and as a paste for some diy diluting fun.  Return your empty jars and save on your next purchase!

Similar to castile soap which has traditionally been made with 100% olive oil, the bastille soap contains 70% olive oil with the remaining 30% made of coconut, castor and sunflower oils.  This produces a soap that has a higher cleansing value than castille soap.

Some uses:
-dish soap replacement
-hand-washing your masks
-dilute in a spray bottle and use as a hard surface cleaner
-dilute in spray bottle for easy hand washing on the go (I use this at markets to reduce sanitizer use)
-add 1/8 cup to a bucket of water and use to wash your floors (ceramic, hardwood, vinyl,,,,)
-use undiluted in a pump bottle to wash your hands
-dilute 1 part soap in 4 parts water and use it to refill your foaming soap bottles
-use as a body wash
-use a a shampoo (safe for both humans and pets)
-add 1 tsp to a sink full of water to wash your fruits and vegetables


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