Shave Soap


Perfect for the most sensitive of faces, our new shave soap produces a slick lather that makes shaving a breeze. 

Alestake & Evergreen is made with Cornwall Ontario's Rurban Brewery's IPA of the same name.  It is scented with a blend of essential oils that are reminiscent of a walk in the woods.

Sol Citrus feature's their Sol Sistere Blonde Ale and sports a mixture of citrus essential oils for an uplifting shave experience. 

Our  "Bad Boys" essential oil blend was originally created for the owner of a former beach bar in Mexico.  It pairs earthy scents with citrus creating the perfect blend.

For the person who has never tried this shave soap, it is a definite must! For those who have, it is available as a refill. It is also available packaged with a turned wood shave bowl and badger hair brush. All you'll need is your own razor!

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